Home updated-content 10 Best Collagen Brands Which is The Best Collagen?

10 Best Collagen Brands Which is The Best Collagen?

10 Best Collagen Brands Which is The Best Collagen?

10 Best Collagen Brands Which is The Best Collagen?

(10 Best Collagen Products in 2016) – Collagen is mostly structured by proteins which comprised one third of whole body proteins. Molecular structure of collagen looks like spreadable wide tendons which are strong and flexible. Collagen is beneficial to skin, internal organs as well as bone and teeth strength for example. Well, let’s go to see the 10 best collagen products in 2016 we’re proud to present you in the list right now!



UBEREEN COLLAGEN PEPTIDE : imported from ITALY under the name of “Collagen Peptide” which contained 100,000 mg. of pure collagen 100%. This collagen item is made from fish and become the number 1 best seller of all collagen supplementary products sold in ITALY which possesses more than 55% of all sales in the market share.

Collagen peptide is produced under the Japanese standard. It can help improve acnes, pimples and is beneficial to skin whitening and to those who lack of sleep. Pure collagen (Collagen Peptide) is superior to others in quality because of its smaller molecules which are easier to be absorbed. Because it is tasteless, scentless and colorless, it is therefore quite easy to be consumed.
Price: 650 bht. /each for special price

Reference: Website: www.ubereen.com

Pure collagen

2 . Colly Pink Colly Collagen

Pure collagen : which is credited by many Thai celebs as well as a member No. 726147 of Pantip website, she reviewed that she once took DR.ABSOLUTE collagen, it’s good but quite hard to consume. She therefore needed to dissolve it into juice before drinking. Thus, she then changed to pick Colly Pink Colly Collagen, she found that it’s contained in sachet which is portable and easier to consume.

She mentioned more that after serving, her skin became more brilliant and for more effectiveness, serving together with vitamin C is recommended. The another way everyone can do is to consume high vitamin C fruits or soymilk together with sunscreen use daily to protect your skin from flaws, blemishes and darkness.

Reference: www.colly.in.th

Collagen for women

3 . Vistra collagen peptide

Collagen for women : was reviewed by many users that Vistra collagen peptide can help skin more smooth, and brilliant. This high-quality collagen ingredient is imported from Japan.

Nujiiii, a user informed that apart from taking collagen products, consuming natural food such as vegetables, fruit or juices like tomato juice daily can also make you healthy.

Reference: www.jeban.com/topic/146646

Best imported collagen product

4 . Neocell Super Collagen Powder

Best imported collagen product : consuming with vitamin C is recommended for more effective absorption. This is hydrolyzed collagen which is purified 100% without any of contaminants and no color and flavor added in 6,600 mg. of its content per tablespoon or scoop.

This is a specific collagen in the form of Type 1&3 for skin care directly, produced by high-qualified technology and imported raw materials. You can feel the smoothness, youngness brilliance and less wrinkles exist on skin within 2-3 weeks after use. Neocell Super Collagen Powder was guaranteed by Best Natural Award in 2012 from The USA.

Reference: www.pantip.com/topic/36871840

Best fish collagen

5 . Amado Collagen

Best fish collagen : not recommended for pregnant women and persons with seafood allergy because it is made from fish products. Amado Collagen is P-Hydrolyzed Pure White Collagen powder with its small molecules 100,000 mg., imported from South Korea. It is well-absorbed faster than other collagens 4 times.

This can repair body, revive skin cells from fatigue, reduce wrinkles to return you youngness. Besides, it can remove scars and also make skin moist and look healthy.

Reference: www.amadoplus.com

Collagen supplementary product


Collagen supplementary product : developed by anti-aging and health repair medical scientists. The object is specific for skincare, to generate the activity of Fibroblast cells.

It works as a factory to produce Hyaluronic acid and elastin collagen which is good to decelerate the contract of Telomere enzyme by activated Telomeres enzyme which produce Telomere to prevent cell’s contract, declination and prolong cell’s existence.

Reference: www.sononui.com

Capsule collagen

7 . Casules Collagen Peptide morikami laboratories

Capsule collagen : extracted from deep sea fish, good for anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, as well as protecting crow’s-feet and dry skin.

It helps skin smooth, softened and firm. Capsules Collagen Peptide morikami laboratories is also able to maintain skin’s flexibility, youngness. Apart from skin, it can affect nail and hair’s better health also.

Reference: www.blogspot.com

Glutathione mixed collagen

8 . Me Love COLLAGEN

Glutathione mixed collagen : easy to consume, no need to dissolve into water, just tear the sachet and drink. Me Love COLLAGEN is powder collagen which is better absorbed 10 times comparing to other collagen. It’s easy to drink, tasty, not smelly and you can feel the good result within 7 days after serving.

Reference: www.collagenthailand.com

CTP Collagen

8 . CTP Collagen

CTP Collagen – High qualified pure collagen 17,000 mg. A skincare collagen product which can improve skin problems and helps your skin soft, whitened, brilliant and smooth.

Reference: www.facebook.com/241864859236758

Best collagen product

9 . Popup Collagen

Best collagen product – Popup Collagen : – Collagen is a type of protein which makes up one third of whole body. Collagen can be found in skin, when we are aging more than 20 years old, collagen which is produced by our body will be decreased approximately 1.5 % annually as well as the capability of collagen absorption is also decreased .

The first signs we can notice such as wider pores, more wrinkles, unsmooth skin, hair and nails become dry and weak, for example. Apart from collagen, Popup Collagen product also contains stem cells in highest content for the users’ best healthcare.

Reference: www.gulico.net

Collagen Peptide

10 . Bella Colla

Collagen Peptide : – Awarded water-soluble collagen manufactured in Japan. This product has been reviewed a lot from the users in websites. An affordable collagen product which is now seeking for its distributors. Bella Colla, 100 mg. pure collagen can maintain skin whitened, brilliant and as well as hair and holistic body health.

Reference: www.bellacollastore.com